Graphic Design Jobs in India 

Graphic design jobs and all you need to know about graphic design jobs in India.
Job Description:
  • Graphic designers create creative ideas to work efficiently as graphic designers.
  •  Usage of software like CorelDRAW, adobe photoshop, illustrator, after effects, and other software is a must.  
  • The average salary of a graphic designer ranges between 1.1 Lacs to 7.0 Lacs per year. 
  • The graphic designer utilizes a few software to create effective graphics, so you will have to own a piece of good knowledge on how to work on those.
  • They can coordinate well with web designers, art agencies, and printers who print marketing material for the organization. They also communicate effectively with clients.
  • They need a bachelor’s degree to work in a graphical field.
  • You require relevant experience in graphic design.
  • Complete knowledge to use the necessary software.
  • They should pay specific attention to details which is a plus. 
  • Pro Tip: If you have your work to display, more changes for you to be hired as a graphic designer. 
Job Security:
  • Quite decent as there is a demand for good graphic designers right now. 
Job Satisfaction:
  • If you love to explore & experiment with your creativity then you’ll be much more satisfied.  
Work-Life Balance:
  • It depends upon the company if your company has free weekends and doesn’t have to work at nighttime as a graphic designer except for a few nights you’ll be good.


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