Life of a Graphic Designer

The Pros :

  1. Graphic designers can make a sum of decent money.
  2. You can work anywhere as a graphic designer with a computer.
  3. Graphic designers can be more creative at work.
  4. You get to work for many different companies as clients.
  5. Graphic designers don’t have to work on weekends well, it depends upon your company.
  6. Good work-life balance for graphic designers.
  7. You leverage digital channels.
  8. Working as a graphic designer your creativity keeps on developing.
  9. You can avoid heavy physical work.
  10. Good job opportunities are available for graphic designers.

The Cons :

  1. Most graphic designers don’t get rich if they remain employees.
  2. You have to work with a computer all day long which can affect your health.
  3. Many graphic design jobs may be outsourced in the future so the opportunities for graphic design employees may go down.
  4. You need a basic degree to work as a graphic designer.
  5. Many graphic designers struggle as they don’t get paid well.
  6. You may have tough times convincing the clients that the design looks good.
  7. Graphic designers may have to go to the gym to work out their stress.
  8. You will often not see results quickly.
  9. Work-life balance could be difficult for graphic designers.
  10. As a graphic designer, you will never be satisfied with your designs, because you want your designs to be perfect.